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Re: slapd dies when using SLAPI plugins (ITS#3924)

> Can you give an overview of what your plugin does?

>From what I can infer from his previous postings, his plugin is __using__
the value of the password to update some external storage.  According to
his last posting, now it appears to succeed, but slapd's password doesn't
get updated accordingly.  Either slapd is failing from some good reason,
or slapi code is not letting the operation pass thru as expected, since I
assume that from inside a pre-operation plugin one cannot unintendedly
modify the datum that slapd will later see.  The required feedback would

1) does slapd succeed if there's no plugin?
2) does your pre-operation plugin actually (intendedly or unintendedly)
modify the datum slapd will see?
2) do slapd logs show any occurrence of the operation getting past the
plugin pre-operation invocation/execution?

if (1) is "yes" and either (2) or (3) is no, then there might be some
issue in SLAPI code; otherwise the problem might be in the plugin.

But this is merely based on speculation, which usually is a Bad Thing...

Ciao, p.

Pierangelo Masarati

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