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Re: (ITS#3791) start_tls while chasing referrals

> Hi,
> any news on this? Is it planned to integrate this patch into CVS? To me it
> look reasonable.

I'd rather say it looks obscure.

I'm thinking about something slightly different for back-ldap/meta; in
fact, I believe this should go into the ldap_rebind_proc that's supplied
by the client and not in the client library itself.  In fact, starting TLS
on a connection to a different DSA as a consequence of chasing a referral
may result in error cases which require client's intervention.  So, the
fix should go in pam_ldap rather than in libldap.  All we should do is
provide, in some doc, an example ldap_rebind_proc that retries the
original bind, optionally starting TLS if required.



Pierangelo Masarati

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