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Re: (ITS#3851) Berkeley DB Scalability Patch

Here is a result with various degrees of indexing for 2 million entries :


As shown in the graph, for 13 indexing (6 equality, 2 equality & 
substring, 5 equality, substring & approximate), it took almost a day 
(only less one hour) without the Berkeley DB scalability patch while it 
took only six hours with the patch. It would have been decreased further 
if a separate indexing were performed by using slapindex after the 
initial slapadd. Although you tested with 21 indexing, the number of 
substring/approximate indexing are the same at seven in both cases. The 
effect of additional equality indexing was found negligible through my 
performance evaluation.

As a result, I would say my results contradict yours. With my 
performance evaluation configuration, I could not find any tendency that 
might give me a hint why you had experienced such a problem. One thing I 
noticed from your last result is that you did not run the experiment to 
completion. I think it is required to run each run to completion to draw 
a meaningful result.

- Jong-Hyuk

Jong Hyuk Choi
IBM Thomas J. Watson Research Center - Enterprise Linux Group
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