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Re: ber_get_next: Assertion failed

Guy Roussin wrote:

Thank you Howard and Pierangelo for your very quick answers,

But this server is in production. I can't make lot of test on it.

I notice than there is 2 packages in Debian Sarge (don't know why,
but libldap-2.2-7 depends on libldap2) and 2 libldap_r (see dpkg -L).
It seems not so easy to change/test a new version on this
samba pdc server.

To be frank and honest, if you want to stick with packaged software, and you cannot provide useful information about where the error occurred, there's little we can do; what you should do is ask the software packager to investigate and fix the problem in the next package release. Even in the event we can spot the bug, how would you proceed to introduce the fix in your binaries without touching the packages?


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