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Re: (ITS#3898) test037 fails with -DLDAP_REL_ENG

ando@sys-net.it writes:
> It's a supportedControl, not a supportedFeature.

Oops, right.

> A "cleaner" way to detect it would be
> $LDAPSEARCH -h $LOCALHOST -p $PORT1 -b "" -s base \
>  -Emv='(supportedControl:objectIdentifierMatch:=' \
>  '(supportedControl:objectIdentifierMatch:=' \
>  supportedControl

I suppose so, but that can skip the test if there is a bug with
extended search filters or the matched values control.  Might be
better to keep it simple and leave those to test015.  (Or it fails
if the backend does not support extended search filters.)

Why so much code in your test037-manage 1.6 just to check for the
control?  Both matchedvalue, extended filter, grep, cut and
Nothing else I can find in OpenLDAP depends on cut, at least.

Also, no other tests say things like
   The "manageDIT" control appears to be (partially) supported...
they only say something if they skip the test.