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Re: ITS#3835 Lightweight Listener Thread

John Morrissey <jwm@horde.net> wrote on 08/01/2005 03:34:27 PM:

> First off, thanks for your work on this, Sang-Seok. It will be a big 
Than you.
> I've started running the lightweight listener code with 
> (7 July) on one host in our LDAP cluster. Average CPU consumption for 
> listener thread has dropped from ~45% of one CPU to ~35% of one CPU (a 
> drop in CPU consumption).

Could you elaborate on incoming request characteristics of the host.
- H/W spec of the host.
- the number of concurrent connections.
- incoming request types: search, modify, add, etc.
- incoming request pattern: how many requests per single bind().
I think the 35% CPU consumption of the thread is too much.
In my test environment, even with 10k active concurrent connections, the 
listener(W the patch)
thread CPU consumption was less than roughly 10%.
> I suspect I'm not seeing bigger gains because I have tcpwrappers and 
> DNS resolution disabled, so the only things being offloaded to other 
> are connection_read() and connection initialization.

I am also working an another patch which aims at the listener thread load 
We can collaborate together to see if the patch will work.