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Re: (ITS#3809) db library detection procedure

[Just ran into this ITS when I had a related problem.]

Kurt D. Zeilenga writes:
>>>At 03:55 PM 6/29/2005, Pierangelo Masarati wrote:
>>>> As soon as one version is detected as usable in terms of headers,
>>>> the configure could try to locate the corresponding library instead
>>>> of trying a given fixed order and fail because of the mismatch.  If
>>>> the headers of version 4.2 have been detected, the search for the
>>>> library could start from db-4.2 instead of db-4.3.
> I would be more inclined to support specification of the desired
> version on the command line, like --with-berkeley-db-lib=db-4.2, then
> to pull the parts of <db.h> and use that for the library (subject to
> compatibility test).

I do not see the point, not for the choice of library version.
OpenLDAP #includes <db.h> whatever version is chosen, except 1.85.
Nothing constructive can be achieved by selecting another library
version than that of the #included file.  So I think configure should
#include <db.h> and extract the library version number from that.

There can be a problem if the <db.h> in the include path should be used
with -ldb-43 or -ldb while OpenLDAP picks a -ldb43 which is installed
later in the library path.  So such an option could still be useful.
But this would be much rarer than the version mismatch problem people
keep running into.