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Re: (ITS#3903) slapadd thread mutex assertion failure

> This appears to be a dup of ITS#3793 amd ITS#3796, already fixed in CVS.
> Please check if the same problem occurs for you using CVS HEAD, thanks.

Commenting the lines in HEAD tools/common.c that add sasl.h allows the
programs to compile without any problems. I was able to use slapadd to
load the database. However, there is some kind of problem with slapadd
in that it can't seem to find the right database (or maybe config

> slapadd -l ~/ldif050729.txt
Available database(s) do not allow slapadd

Specifying the configuration file does work.

> slapadd -l ~/ldif050729.txt -f /local/etc/openldap/slapd.conf

In any case, it looks like #3903 has been resolved. Thanks.

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