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Re: (ITS#3859) Strange replication and search problems

Howard Chu wrote:
> In 2.0 index corruptions occurred quite frequently. 

Never has a problem in 5 years (> 200 users).

> In 2.2 back-ldbm 
> they are less common but may still occur. Regardless, replication from 
> 2.0 to 2.2 is not possible, as already stated. If you are actually 
> getting replication to occur from a 2.0 master to a 2.2 slave then 
> either your master or slave software have been modified and are 
> different from OpenLDAP software. Since we have no idea what changes 
> have been made to your code, you're going to have to seek help from 
> whoever modified it.

We use Debian Sarge's openldap (2.2.23-8).

Debian diff can be downloaded here : 

But, AFAIK, there are no patches to allow a 2.0 to 2.2 replication in debian 


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