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Re: (ITS#3851) Berkeley DB Scalability Patch

> This isn't what I was saying.  If it takes 15 minutes instead of 10 
> for 100K entries, and increases the time from 11 hours to 20 hours for 
> 4 million entries if you

This is usually not the case in many engineering problems including 

> use a lot of indices, then its usefulness becomes suspect.  Which is 
> why I'm curious if you have any data points using a large number of 
> indices that indicates

Well, if indexing is turned out to be a real suspect, it will have to be 
handled as a separate, orthogonal issue.

> anything one way or the other.  I can only assume from your responses 
> that the answer is "no". 

I don't have the data points with heavy data points as of now.

- Jong-Hyuk