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Re: (ITS#3861) Crash when trying to change password (with BACK-SQL)

ando@sys-net.it wrote:

> It may be that back-sql is for some reason letting an attribute with no
>values slip thru.  You should intercept that assertion by running a 
>non-stripped version of slapd under gdb and letting it fail.  Then, 
>print the value of a->a_desc->ad_cname and any other useful information 
>that can be found about that attribute (e.g. the schema of the table 
>that's containing it, the row in ldap_attr_mappings that's taking care 
>of its handling (including the stored procedures that are called, if 
>any).  Info about the RDBMS may be of help.
I think this issue has been fixed in HEAD, although no feedback was ever 
received.  The only chance, as far as I can understand, of an occurrence 
of an attribute with zero values in an entry dynamically gnerated by 
back-sql, introduced by attribute counting from ITS#3432 point 4, has 
been eliminated.  I suggest this ITS be closed.


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