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Re: (ITS#3882) Bug: attribute 'hasSubordinates' can not be searhced for

nikita.shulga@gmail.com wrote:

>Full_Name: Nikita Shulga
>Version: HEAD
>OS: Linux
>Submission from: (NULL) (
>Issue any search request to slapd, and specify "hasSubordinates" as one of the
>attributes to return, and one will not find this attribute among list of
>returned attributes(also there are no indication in slapd log that read/search
>access was not granted). cvs version of openldap software dated 15th of July
>still returns this atttribute. 
Should be fixed now; my fix to ITS#3878 probably broke this more than it 
was earlier.  I confirm it's part of SLAPI factoring out of mainstream 
code.  Please test, and thanks for reporting.


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