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(ITS#3859) Strange replication and search problems

Version: 2.2.23
OS: Debian 3.1 sarge

Hi !

We are currently replicating an openldap 2.0.23 directory to a 2.2.23 one, and
modified entries have a corrupt index on 'objectClass' (we are using the ldbm

Steps to reproduce:
1- make an initial slapcat;slapadd to synchronize the two servers.
2- 'ldapsearch -x -h slave objectClass=posixAccount|grep toto' returns the entry
(there are less than 500 entries)
3- modify something on the master
4- the same ldapsearch now returns nothing (but a 'ldapsearch -x' without a
filter on the objectClass is ok).
5- if I remove 'index objectClass eq' from the slave server, then the
'ldapsearch' is ok.

So it seems that the replication corrupts the index. I can also reproduce the
bug with slapd 2.2.26.

Is this bug related to 'Software Bugs/3406' ? Or is it only a replication
problem ?