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Re: (ITS#3813) Potential bug in back-meta's controls handling

raphael.ouazana@linagora.com wrote:

>In back-meta, meta_back_dobind() is called from any operation. The second
>parameter is a pointer on the operation which is currently executed.
>In meta_back_dobind(), under certain conditions a bind is performed with
>op->o_ctrls as parameter. So for example if a modify operation is executed with
>ManageDSAIT control, this control will be propagated in the bind operation. So
>it would fail.
>A possible fix could be to propagate only controls if op is a bind operation.
>But this could miss non operation-relative controls (if they exist).

This is now fixed in RE22, will likely appear in next release; it does 
not affect HEAD, nor back-ldap.

Thanks for reporting. p.

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