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Re: slapd hangs in startup with monitor directives and debug (ITS#3863)

With two/three differences wrt/ your configuration (i.e. I didn't use 
TLS directives, I used builtin backends instead of modules, and the bdb 
database was empty) I cannot reproduce the issue with RE22 (i.e. the yet 
to come 2.2.28).  I note that among the commented directives you were 
playing with there's a "suffix cn=monitor" which should be illegal 
(cn=monitor is reserved for the monitor database and cannot be 
specified, even for the database monitor itself, although in this case a 
different message could be issued).  Can you confirm you didn't 
uncomment that?  I'll try with module backends shortly.  To attach the 
process with gdb you need to run an unstripped slapd (e.g. the one that 
is in the build tree as opposed to the installed one); when it hangs, 
find out its PID (e.g. by using "ps"), then run "gdb path/to/slapd PID" 
(e.g. "gdb ../servers/slapd/slapd 12345" if running it from the tests/ 
directory).  Since you seem to be able to produce the hanging regularly, 
you may just run slapd from gdb; e.g. "gdb ../servers/slapd/slapd"; 
then, from gdb's command-line, type "run" followed by the args you would 
use for slapd, including "-d -1"; e.g. "run -f slapd.conf -h 
ldap://:9011 -d -1"


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