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Re: (ITS#3841) alock throws assertion with slapo-glue

init.c 1.20 on 2.3.4 fixes the repro case that I came up with. However,
there's something more going on here; the assertion still throws with my
production config file. I'll try to look into what's different between the
test case and my 'live' case, but it's not obvious to a quick glance. -d
-1 shows the problematic suffix (the 'root' dc=example,dc=com equivalent)
being opened, but the alock info remains {0, 0} throwing the assertion.
Unless there's something curious about the glued suffix opening/alocking?
(It's obviously open because the write succeeds.)

With that said, I'll reiterate that the situation I describe above is
tested as fixed.