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(ITS#3853) backend.c:76: backend_init_controls: Assertion `0' failed.

Full_Name: Preston A. Elder
Version: 2.3.4
OS: Linux (2.6.12)
URL: ftp://ftp.openldap.org/incoming/
Submission from: (NULL) (

My LDAP config that worked fine under OpenLDAP 2.2.27 is not working under
2.3.4.  Specifically, the backend SQL stuff.

I ran slapd with -d 255, and got:

reading config file /etc/openldap/slapd.backend
line 2 (moduleload              back_sql.so)
loaded module back_sql.so
slapd: backend.c:76: backend_init_controls: Assertion `0' failed.

the slapd.backend file contains:
# Load the SQL backend module.
moduleload              back_sql.so

# The backend type
database                sql

# The base of your directory
suffix                  "dc=goth,dc=net"

## Uncomment these only for the initial load, then comment them back
## out and restart slapd.
#rootdn                 "cn=root,ou=dsa,dc=goth,dc=net"
#rootpw                 <REMOVED>

dbname                  ldap
dbuser                  ldap
insentry_query          "insert into ldap_entries
(id,dn,oc_map_id,parent,keyval) values ((select max(id)+1 from
upper_func              "upper"
strcast_func            "text"
concat_pattern          "?||?"
has_ldapinfo_dn_ru      no

# Save the time that the entry gets modified
lastmod                 off

As mentioned, this all worked fine under 2.2.27.

I'm using unixODBC connected to a PgSQL backend.  And yes, the ODBC stuff all
works :)