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Re: (ITS#3856) prefix showing up in man pages

Hi Jason,

Here's something to think on:

You can build with a given prefix (this is what I do), that is different 
than where you install the software with make install.  This is what I do:

./configure --prefix=/usr/local


make depend

then, when I go to install, I do:

make install prefix=/usr/local/stow/openldap-<version>

Now, for everything *but* the man pages, libtool seems to know what to do 
correctly here (thinks are linked against /usr/local/lib for libraries, 
etc.  I get the same problem you do as far as the man page declarations at 
the top.  I bet, however, there's a way to use the configure generated 
prefix over the prefix supplied at make install time.

In looking at the man pages, it substitutes "LIBEXECDIR" for the path. 
*Maybe* putting prefix in there instead would solve it, I do not know. 
That, or add a new variable to the makefile to use for substitution instead.


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