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(ITS#3856) prefix showing up in man pages

Full_Name: Jason Townsend
Version: 2.2.x, HEAD
OS: Mac OS X 10.4.1
Submission from: (NULL) (

One of the modifications I've done in the Mac OS X version of OpenLDAP is to
change all instances of ETCDIR, SBINDIR, LOCALSTATEDIR, DATADIR, and so on to
the actual paths we use like /etc, /usr/sbin, /var/run, and /var/db/openldap.
The reason for this is that when Mac OS X is built, the files are installed into
a different location than they will eventually be in (in order to keep the build
result of each project separate). For example, you would see this:


instead of


It would be really nice if we could figure out a way to have a prefix defined
which is used in the destination for build results but does not show up in the
man pages.

I'd be happy to prepare a patch if anyone has a good idea of how to do this.