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RE: (ITS#3828) SSL Connection closed immediatly after "ClientHello"

Hello Mr. Chu, 

> Since you are working with a build that was patched and 
> distributed by SuSE I believe you need to contact them about 
> this problem. I'll note that using my own build of current 
> code (2.2.27 and 2.3.4) no such problem occurs.

we contacted SuSE, but unfortunately they could not help us. The problem
is that slapd reads the /etc/ldap.conf file, altought is shoul'nt. This
is always the case if we start slapd with -u and -g options. If we run
slapd without -u and -g /etc/ldap.conf is not read and everything is
working ok. We hope to get durther support by SuSE.

Thank you, 
Robert Heinzmann