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Re: (ITS#3835) Lightweight Listener Thread

>I've tested now with the new build, and it works correctly.  So I'm 
>guessing the ifdef's are not even needed, since things must always be 

No they are not. So with fixes, I uploaded the patch again.

>As for the results:
>Search rate with patch: 868.232 ops/second
>Searchrate without patch:  910.171 ops/second
>I.e., its faster without the patch for me on Solaris.  I've not yet 
>with it being compiled with the second flag set.
>This is on a 2 CPU SunFire V210 with 2GB of RAM.  The database has 10,000 

>entries.  It has an 11k entry cache and a 33k idl cache.  The DB has a 
>MB cache for BDB.  The attribute being queried (uid) is indexed eq, and 
>is an exact uid= search that is being performed.

With your H/W and configuration, 910 ops/second seems to be very low,
considering all entries were cached in the entry cache and indexed.
I have several questions. What benchmark did you use?
Are the numbers maximum throughput or CPUs were under-utilized during the 
And could you test the patch with a large number of idle connections (4K 
It'll be very interesting and helpful to see how the patch works
with a large number of idle connections in other platform.
Thank you.