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Re: (ITS#3831) strange scopes[] in syncrepl.c

Ah, of course.  So it backs up to always use the same textual name for
the same scope.  Except, since 0 == LDAP_SCOPE_BASE it looks like
scope=base will back up to use scopes[-1] or less.

I suggest the drastic step of adding a "don't use this name" flag
instead, then it will actually be readable:-)

One could of course just check that j > 0 in the loop, or use
LDAP_SCOPE_DEFAULT instead of 0 for the "use previous name" value - and
then worry that a LDAP_SCOPE_DEFAULT value might sometime creep into
si->si_scope when searching scopes[] for si->si_scope...

Or an alternative could be to tell be that I've missed something again;
it's been a long day...

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