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Re: (ITS#3819) Strange slapd.conf diagnostic after authz-regexp

Aha.  That solved a small mystery for me, once I looked at it
in cn=config:

The root DSE no longer uses ACLs from the first database.
it Only uses the global ACLs and the 'database frontend' ACLs,
because the supposedly global ACLs end up in frontendDB.

Also, rootdn/rootpw was also applied from the first database, but
those are now taken from frontendDB and I can't get rootdn/rootpw
from frontendDB to work.

Howard Chu writes:
> At the time it occurs, the current backend is the frontendDB.  (...)
> This probably should be straightened out, but at the moment it seems
> harmless and we have other things to worry about.
>> authz-regexp cn=x cn=y
>> foobar
>> gets this message from slaptest -d 64:
>> unknown directive <foobar> inside backend database definition (ignored).
>> (...)