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Re: (ITS#3800) libldap abandon issue

I think I've hit the real issue: the ld_abandoned array can be modified by
two different portions of code:

1) do_abandon() in libldap/abandon.c, which reallocs the array while
protected behind ld_req_mutex

2) ldap_mark_abandoned() in libldap/result.c, which shifts the msgid of
the abandoned requests while protected behind ld_res_mutex

The contents of the array is also accessed by ldap_abandoned() in
libldap/result.c, while protected behind ld_res_mutex

Note though that two different mutexes are used to protect access to the
same data, so conflicts can well occur.  For instance, I just spotted a
run past end in ldap_abandoned() where i == 20812 violates a memory
segment, while gdb shows that the array terminator -1 is actually located
at i == 4058.

I think this portion of code needs be rearranged, but I'm still wondering


Pierangelo Masarati

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