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Re: (ITS#3809) db library detection procedure

Kurt D. Zeilenga disse:
>>Not true. configure *have* been instructed to use proper headers and
>>libraries using CPPFLAGS and LDFLAGS environment variables
> But this is not an instruction to use a particular version of
> the library.  configure has no idea whether 4.2 or 4.3 was
> desired.
>>and, in fact,
>>it detects the correct headers in the location specified by the CPPFLAGS
>>-I include path.
> Correct only to what you desire.  But someone else could have
> provided the exact same flags and had desired to configure to use
> 4.3.  In that case, the incorrect headers would have been chosen.

I could say that if someone specifies an include path maybe he knows what
he is trying to achieve and if he doesn't he deserves it. ;-)

>>On the other hand, it searches for a specific list of
>>possible library names and, this way, it finds the wrong library (in this
>>case the system one that does not match the headers).
> For someone desiring 4.3, it would have been correct.

same as above

> As configure doesn't know which version the user wants, it errors.
> This, I think is quite appropriate.  It shouldn't be guessing.
> I would be more inclined to support specification of the
> desired version on the command line, like --with-berkeley-db-lib=db-4.2,
> then to pull the parts of <db.h> and use that for the library
> (subject to compatibility test).
Yes. That would be definitely a very usefull option. I'm not a
configure/m4 guru but I could try to work at it in my very limited spare

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