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Re: (ITS#3809) db library detection procedure

At 03:55 PM 6/29/2005, Pierangelo Masarati wrote:
>Kurt@OpenLDAP.org wrote:
>>This environment is not proper.  A 4.3.28 version of db.h
>>should have been provided (first) to go along with 4.3.27
>>version of -ldb-4.3.
>I think the point Walter is trying to make is that since version 4.3.27 must exist in the default location of that system for other reasons, and he's trying to have the OpenLDAP suite pick the specific version 4.2.52 from /opt/foo/*, as indicated by the -L and -I flags; but then the configure looks for special versions of the db library to link, going from newer to older,

Because it generally proper to use the latest release of a library.

>so it first detects the 4.3 in /usr/lib (which has to be in the search path for other reasons) instead of the 4.2 in (opt/foo/lib it was instructed to use by the -I and -L flags.

configure was never instructed to use the 4.2 library.

>As soon as one version is detected as usable in terms of headers, the configure could try to locate the corresponding library instead of trying a given fixed order and fail because of the mismatch.  If the headers of version 4.2 have been detected, the search for the library could start from db-4.2 instead of db-4.3.

But how does configure know that the user wanted to use db-4.2 over
db-4.3?  Maybe the user really wanted to use db-4.3 but goofed
the include path.   In this case, the error is quite appropriate.

I note that if the user wants a particular version of the library
to be ignored, it should tell configure to ignore it.
env ol_cv_db_db_4_dot_2=no ./configure ...

It seems pointless to me to try to guess at what the user wanted.


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