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(ITS#3788) Conflict between glue and rwm overlays

Full_Name: Sebastien Georget
Version: 2.3.4
OS: linux
URL: ftp://ftp.openldap.org/incoming/
Submission from: (NULL) (

slapd segfault during search when glue and rwm overlays are loaded on the same

slapd.conf :
database        bdb
suffix          "dc=mydomain,dc=fr"
rootdn          "cn=admin,dc=mydomain,dc=fr"
directory       "/var/lib/ldap/mydomain.fr"
access to * by * read
overlay glue
overlay rwm

output :
conn=0 op=1 SRCH base="dc=mydomain,dc=fr" scope=2 deref=0
bdb(dc=grid5000,dc=fr): illegal flag specified to txn_begin
bdb_txn_get: BerkeleyDB 4.2.52 library needs TXN patch!
conn=0 op=1 ENTRY dn="dc=mydomain,dc=fr"
conn=0 op=1 ENTRY dn="ou=group,dc=mydomain,dc=fr"
Segmentation fault

(the database only contains these 2 entries)