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Re: (ITS#3774) olcSuffix and olcRootDN: value #0 invalid per syntax

Howard Chu wrote:
> Thanks for the report. I'm not seeing the same behavior here, although 
> I've run into two other issues.
> The problem you're seeing indicates that the core schema didn't get 
> loaded. Your cn=config database ought to have an entry 
> cn={0}core,cn=schema,cn=config, and searching this entry via 
> ldapsearch, you should see the valid contents of that schema.
> The next problem you'll run into is that the database actually needs 
> to also have the olcDatabaseConfig objectclass. This is not reflected 
> in the doc examples, I know. I'll either change the doc to indicate 
> this, or change the code to insert the missing objectclasses, haven't 
> decided which yet.
I have updated the slapdconf2.sdf chapter of the Admin Guide in CVS to 
be more explicit about the objectClass requirements for a Database 
entry, and all the examples are updated to reflect this. Also the second 
issue that I referred to above - if the startup of the added database 
failed, the database structure wasn't being cleaned up properly. This is 
also now fixed in CVS HEAD.
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