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Re: (ITS#3659) dynlist overlay expanding URL that scopes cn=Monitor causes SIGSEGV

ando@sys-net.it wrote:

>The topic definitely is irrelevant, but it may be a symptom of other problems. 
>If dynlist is used with and entry with an URL that scopes cn=Monitor, when
>expanding it slapd SIGSEGVs in a malloc
The problem appears to be caused by an improper use of attr_merge() 
inside back-monitor.  As such, it affects re22 as well, but it's totally 
harmless as soon as entries in back-monitor don't get mucked with, as I 
was doing with the dynlist overlay.  I might have ran into the very same 
problem when I was developing the rwm overlay and I tried to rewrite the 
contents of back-monitor, but I couldn't find the reason.

Should be fixed now in HEAD.


Pierangelo Masarati

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