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Re: (ITS#3609) ch_malloc of 8388608 bytes failed

Bob Smith wrote:

> BTW, the limit command on a VDS system my provider sells is
> cputime         unlimited
> filesize        unlimited
> datasize        524288 kbytes
> stacksize       65536 kbytes
> coredumpsize    unlimited
> memoryuse       unlimited
> vmemoryuse      unlimited
> descriptors     800
> memorylocked    unlimited
> maxproc         75
> sbsize  unlimited
> Does this look like it would run slapd?

It will certainly get farther, 512MB of datasize should be enough for a 
small database.

> On 4/18/2005 8:17 PM, Bob Smith wrote:
>> Thanks for your analysis, and thank you so much for all the time you 
>> spent on my problem.  My domain runs on a shared box, so I don't have 
>> much (if any) control over the limit settings.  I don't expect the 
>> LDAP server to get a great deal of use, maybe four or five 
>> simultaneous users at the very most.
>> 1.  Can you pinpoint which one (or more) of these settings is causing 
>> the trouble I'm seeing?  If I switch ISPs, I need to know what to 
>> look for so as to avoid this problem all over again.
>> 2.  Are there some settings to slapd which might eliminate this problem?
>> On 4/18/2005 10:27 AM, Howard Chu wrote:
>>> Those limits are pretty messed up. Whoever created those settings is 
>>> doing something terribly wrong on your system. This is clearly not 
>>> an OpenLDAP software bug.
>>> Your stacksize limit makes no sense, mine defaults to 8192 kbytes 
>>> and this seldom needs to be changed. Your datasize limit is too 
>>> small, mine defaults to unlimited and that makes the most sense for 
>>> a server. Your memoryuse limit is pretty small too although that is 
>>> usually of little importance. Your descriptors limit is pretty low, 
>>> that will mean slapd will not be able to handle more than about 130 
>>> simultaneous sessions.Your memorylocked limit is too high, but slapd 
>>> doesn't lock memory so it's somewhat irrelevant here. It may matter 
>>> for other programs. Your maxproc looks a bit low, but that doesn't 
>>> matter for slapd either.
>>> bsmith@sudleyplace.com wrote:
>>>> The limit command says:
>>>> cputime         unlimited
>>>> filesize        unlimited
>>>> datasize        28672 kbytes
>>>> stacksize       28672 kbytes
>>>> coredumpsize    unlimited
>>>> memoryuse       40960 kbytes
>>>> vmemoryuse      unlimited
>>>> descriptors     150
>>>> memorylocked    unlimited
>>>> maxproc         61
>>>> sbsize  unlimited

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