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Re: (ITS#3609) ch_malloc of 8388608 bytes failed

Those limits are pretty messed up. Whoever created those settings is 
doing something terribly wrong on your system. This is clearly not an 
OpenLDAP software bug.

Your stacksize limit makes no sense, mine defaults to 8192 kbytes and 
this seldom needs to be changed. Your datasize limit is too small, mine 
defaults to unlimited and that makes the most sense for a server. Your 
memoryuse limit is pretty small too although that is usually of little 
importance. Your descriptors limit is pretty low, that will mean slapd 
will not be able to handle more than about 130 simultaneous 
sessions.Your memorylocked limit is too high, but slapd doesn't lock 
memory so it's somewhat irrelevant here. It may matter for other 
programs. Your maxproc looks a bit low, but that doesn't matter for 
slapd either.

bsmith@sudleyplace.com wrote:

>The limit command says:
>cputime         unlimited
>filesize        unlimited
>datasize        28672 kbytes
>stacksize       28672 kbytes
>coredumpsize    unlimited
>memoryuse       40960 kbytes
>vmemoryuse      unlimited
>descriptors     150
>memorylocked    unlimited
>maxproc         61
>sbsize  unlimited
>On 4/17/2005 9:46 PM, Howard Chu wrote:
>>This doesn't indicate a system memory problem to me. Do you have 
>>explicit process size limits in effect?
>>What does "ulimit -a" (Bourne shell) or "limit" (C shell) say?

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