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Re: (ITS#3609) ch_malloc of 8388608 bytes failed

Bob Smith wrote:

> As before, I have uploaded a copy of the output from
> thread apply all bt full
> to my website at http://www.sudleyplace.com/backtrace.html
> Also, this LDAP server is not publicly known, so no one else is using 
> it as yet, so there is no other activity, although other servers on 
> the same site are very much in use.  Another other ideas?

If you can reproduce the first trace (March 30) or still have that core 
file available, can you load that up and issue these gdb commands:
    thread 1
    frame 4
    print *bdb

frame #4 corresponds to the search_stack call; you could select any 
frame that has the bdb variable in it to display. In the March 30 trace 
any of frames 4, 5, or 6 would be fine.

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