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Re: (ITS#3663) No timeout in ldap binds

> Any news regarding the lack of a timeout in ldap bind ?
> A NULL timeval is supplied to ldap_result()
> in libraries/libldap/sasl.c/ldap_sasl_bind_s().
> 	if ( ldap_result( ld, msgid, 1, NULL, &result ) == -1 )
> In effect, a select() will wait forever.

The ITS is to dicuss software bugs or submit enhancements.  Discussion
about (a) current software usage should be directed to openldap-software;
(b) software development should be directed to openldap-devel.

The issue you're discussing refers to (a): OpenLDAP 2.X (since 2.1, as far
as I can go) already provides ldap_sasl_bind(), which is the asynchronous
version of ldap_sasl_bind_s().  The asynchronous version is consistently
used throughout openldap software, including back-ldap and back-meta,
exactly to avoid the problem you're indicating.


Pierangelo Masarati

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