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Re: multivalued sorting (ITS#3650)

The definition of sorting can be quite vague, since different criteria may
result from specific requirements; from ldap_sort(3):

       The ldap_sort_entries() routine applies the comparison function to
each value of the attribute in the array as returned by a  call  to
       ldap_get_values(3),  until  a mismatch is found.  This works fine
for single-valued attributes, but may produce unexpected results
       multi-valued attributes.  When sorting by DN, the comparison
function is applied to an exploded version of the DN, without
types.  The
       return  values  for  all  of these functions are declared in the
<ldap.h> header file.  Some routines may dynamically allocate
       Callers are responsible for freeing such memory using the supplied
deallocation routines.

In short: the issue is known and documented.  In any case, since sorting
is performed at the client's side, you should write your own sorting
procedure if the default one doesn't fit your needs.


PS: By the way, I think your report is putting a tombstone on the
discussion abour server side sorting as well.

Pierangelo Masarati

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