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Re: (ITS#3653) ldapsearch -b option doesn't work if there isn't a space

At 10:27 PM 4/11/2005, ando@sys-net.it wrote:
>The behavior you see depends on the shell, that tricks getopt into 
>believing the argument to -b is the one after the "-b''";

Or its just that the version of getopt(3) used is playing non-POSIX
compatible games.  GNU getopt(3) does this.  There is an env variable
one can set to disable the non-POSIX behavior.  Anyways, its not an
OpenLDAP Software bug.


>in fact, for 
>the shell, -b'' and -b are exactly the same, i.e. a string made of two 
>chars: a dash ("-") and a "b".  The documented usage" -b '' ", on the 
>contrary, makes the empty string '' a separate arg.