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Re: (ITS#3636) more flexible file: URLs in LDIFs

> Actually, that's not true...  <mailto:user@example.com>
> is a valid URL, as is <news:comp.databases>.

... or "about:"; I was speaking about the "file:" only; as far as I could
go with standard track docs the only valid form should start with
"file://", but I might be missing something.  Note that as RFC1738 is
being obsoleted, the current <draft-hoffman-file-uri> (although IMHO
adding a bit of confusion about what should be tolerated because someone
implements it and so) doesn't appear to consider relative paths.

>  But, beyond
> that, I generally concur.  Personally, I rather not add more URL
> smarts to OpenLDAP Software.   However, I would not object to
> adding support for additional URL libraries (libcurl?)  And if,
> by doing so, that added support for goofy file:// URLs, so be it.

... in clients that parse ldif, as a replacement for providing the value
directly in the ldif file?  or in general?  (I note that libcurl, for
instance, provides, among the others, ldap fetching capabilities, with the
potential to create circular dependencies...).


Pierangelo Masarati

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