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Re: (ITS#3628) overlay to expand url during search

ando@sys-net.it wrote:

>We developed a similar implementation at SysNet, initially based on a 
>customer's request, which seems to be a bit more general, since it 
>determines if some emtry's URL-valued attributes should be expanded 
>based on the objectClass of the entry, and honors stuff like the 
>intersection of the attribute list in the URL with the requested 
>attributes, and applies to compare as well.  I'll check out if I get 
>permission to post it to the ITS, in case anyone finds it useful.
Sounds like you have a more thorough version of the dyngroup overlay. It 
would make sense to merge or replace that, if you can. I started writing 
a search expander for the dyngroup overlay but never finished, if you 
have something working already I won't bother...

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