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Re: (ITS#3633) slapd.access man page inaccuracy


On Tuesday 05 April 2005 18:43, you wrote:
> I disagree.  The admin need only try to use an invalid
> syntax to learn that it is invalid.  (Unforunatly) The admin
> (who had a previously working slapd.conf(5)) is unlikely to
> read either the source or the documentation before then.
> >For me it would be sufficient to have the historical aliases listed at
> > some place in the appropriate man page (in this case slapd.access)
> >They no not need to be listed in the same place where the official names
> >are given. Maybe a spearate "Keyword Aliases" section can do it.
> I fear that will encourage their use even if the section
> stated something like "Support for these keywords may be
> removed in future releases."
> The general practice has been not to document experimental
> or historical options.  Overall, I think this practice
> is reasonable effective at keeping use of these options
> from coming main stream.

not 100% convinced, but ~90% ;-)

Please close the bug.

Thanks for the clarification

Peter Marschall
eMail: peter@adpm.de