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Re: (ITS#3633) slapd.access man page inaccuracy

At 09:31 AM 4/5/2005, Peter Marschall wrote:
>> Personally, I rather either do nothing here or just note
>> that there exists some aliases for historical purposes
>> without actually listing what those aliases are.
>I am not usre if I like this solution, since it forces the admins to browse 
>the sources to find out whether some syntax is still allowed or not.

I disagree.  The admin need only try to use an invalid
syntax to learn that it is invalid.  (Unforunatly) The admin
(who had a previously working slapd.conf(5)) is unlikely to
read either the source or the documentation before then.

>For me it would be sufficient to have the historical aliases listed at some 
>place in the appropriate man page (in this case slapd.access)
>They no not need to be listed in the same place where the official names
>are given. Maybe a spearate "Keyword Aliases" section can do it.

I fear that will encourage their use even if the section
stated something like "Support for these keywords may be
removed in future releases."

The general practice has been not to document experimental
or historical options.  Overall, I think this practice
is reasonable effective at keeping use of these options
from coming main stream.