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Re: (ITS#3564) Programatic Insert Scaleability Problem

Armbrust.Daniel@mayo.edu wrote:

>I've probably confused the issue by using the term bulk loading when I shouldn't have.
>I'm simply trying to add (a large amount) of content into the server while it is running, through a connection to the running server.  My program that actually processes the data is written in Java, and uses Suns standard API for accessing a LDAP server.
>If I had (or could easily generate) my data as ldif, I would do so (and then use slapadd as we have in the past) but its not a simple or trivial task.  Plus, the programmatic API is already implemented and works (with small data sets) (and large data sets on other ldap implementations)
Sorry for jumping in so late; you might be able to get what you need by 
using something like "back-null" with a (trivial) custom overlay that 
simply dumps things on a file in LDIF format; then you could use slapadd 
as you did in the past.  I don't see a big advantage between 
sequentially writing to file and writing to back-bdb with logs off, but 
at least you'd have some control on what your application generates, and 
then you'd be able to use standard tools.  The overlay that dumps stuff 
in LDIF is definitely trivial: it basically needs to streamline 
operations and call entry2str() from within the "add" hook; the rest 
doesn't need to be implemented, but you need to ensure that your 
application is not leaving holes in the tree.


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