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Re: (ITS#3620) ldapsearch controls attached to Unbind request

> ldapsearch(1), and likely other client tools, inappropraite attach
> controls
> intended for the primary request to the Unbind request.  This is because
> the
> code provides them to the session as default controls and doesn't zap from
> the
> session for the Unbind request.  A better approach would be to pass the
> controls
> in via the _ext API.

In general, clients should know, for each control, when they may, should
or must be used.  The set_option approach should be used only for those
that can be used for any operation, otherwise the _ext API should be used.
 We had a similar problem with back-ldap/back-meta propagating controls to
the remote server, which was solved by using the _ext API for each

I suggest we split the controls array in (at least) two portions, or
better in as many portions as are the operations performed (e.g. bind,
search, unbind), and use set_option() only for controls that span all of


Pierangelo Masarati

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