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Re: (ITS#3613) globbing support for slapd config's include statement

I note that this patch, as submitted, is somewhat dangerous.
There are existing include directories whose first argument
is not expected to be considered a glob, and which if
were treated as a glob, would lead unexpected files being
included.  For instance,
        include *.schema

might have been intended to match the file named '*.schema',
not all the files whose names end with '.schema'.

It would be better to introduce include globbing in some
backwards compatible way (e.g., another directive).

Also, I see that code does include any safeguards (e.g.,
checking that the path refers to a file, as opposed to a
directory).  Nor does the patch include any documentation
updates.  Nor is the patch conditional on the availability
of glob(3).

And, as Ando noted, HEAD is much different here than RE22.

That is, this patch needs work.


At 05:29 AM 3/30/2005, fake@hpc.at wrote:
>Full_Name: Thomas "fake" Jakobi
>Version: 2.2.24
>OS: linux
>URL: http://f4k3.net/~fake/openldap-slapd-config-globbing.diff
>Submission from: (NULL) (
>i am a package maintainer for rock linux (www.rocklinux.org), and i needed a way
>for packages to supply additional schems and ldap configs clearly seperated from
>the openldap package, but useable like the apache config include directive.
>i extended slapd's config.c inlude directive processing to use posix-conformant
>globbing, so a 'sites' directory with any number of config files can be
>the INFO log output is only issued for NEW_LOGGING, because a log entry without
>the filename being included next is pretty helpless, i guess...
>sorry this is not against HEAD, but as you may see, it's rather trivial and
>straight-forward. patch is unified, -p1.