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(ITS#3613) globbing support for slapd config's include statement

Full_Name: Thomas "fake" Jakobi
Version: 2.2.24
OS: linux
URL: http://f4k3.net/~fake/openldap-slapd-config-globbing.diff
Submission from: (NULL) (


i am a package maintainer for rock linux (www.rocklinux.org), and i needed a way
for packages to supply additional schems and ldap configs clearly seperated from
the openldap package, but useable like the apache config include directive.

i extended slapd's config.c inlude directive processing to use posix-conformant
globbing, so a 'sites' directory with any number of config files can be

the INFO log output is only issued for NEW_LOGGING, because a log entry without
the filename being included next is pretty helpless, i guess...

sorry this is not against HEAD, but as you may see, it's rather trivial and
straight-forward. patch is unified, -p1.