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Re: more modrdn problems (ITS#3267)

Uhm, sorry for the delay, but it took me a while to get a system
to test version > 2.2.18 with the application I was talking about.

> If this problem is still occurring in 2.2.18, please try to generate a small
> test case that reproduces the problem.
Yes, it does still occur. I'm using 2.2.23 right now. I slapcat a database, and 
pipe it to slapadd on another machine. On first try, slapadd always exits
complaining about the same errors as outlined in my first email.
I then reload the database with slapadd -c, in order to ignore errors, and
slapadd completes the insertions. 

I would now expect the database to contain only valid data, but if I wait
a couple days and run again a slapcat |slapadd, I run in almost in the same
errors (cannot tell if they are the same entries or not, hoever :().

Hope it helps, I'll try to produce a test case in the next week or 
so, if I can come up with something, I'll post it either here or
on the mailing list.


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