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Re: (ITS#3604) different behaviour with back-bdb and back-ldbm

> The log indicates that the Solaris client is using the PagedResults
> control, which was added to back-bdb in 2.2 and that's why you only see
> this behavior on 2.2 back-bdb. Paged Results uses its own set of limits,
> and they need to be explicitly configured if you want to allow more than
> the default (1000) entries to be returned. See slapd.conf(5) for more
> explanation of the limits keyword.

Good catch.  But paged results limits by default are set to the same value
of absolute limits, so changing the "pr" limits won't solve the problem. 
He needs to disable the control at the client's side, or at least raise
the page size above the number of entries he expectes to receive.  If this
is not at all possible, a quick'n'dirty hack would be to delete the
control from those supported by back-bdb.

This reminds me that we might want to disable some controls, possibly
based on the client's identity, but this is a matter for -devel.


Pierangelo Masarati

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