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Re: (ITS#3467) URL parsing routines non symmetric; generated URL strings unusable


  According to RFC 2396's reserved chars,


should be rewritten as


While it may be written in this way (you can escaping anything),
it is not required as the "," is not special to the LDAP URI form.
See RFC 2255 and RFC 3986.

    If data for a URI component would conflict with a reserved
   character's purpose as a delimiter, ...

but "," here does not conflict with the reserved character's
purpose as a delimiter as "," and "=" as "," and "=" is not used
as a denominator within these components of the URI.

    URI producing applications should percent-encode data
   octets that    correspond to characters in the reserved set
   unless these characters are specifically allowed by the URI
   scheme to represent data in that component.

"," and "=" are allowed in these components of the URI
by the LDAP URI specification.