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Re: constraint overlay (ITS#3292)

On Tuesday 15 March 2005 02:15, Kurt Zeilenga wrote:
> Ping.

Yup - finally getting round to completing this work. Hey - it's only been 6 
months! Man page will be written ASAP (hopefully tomorrow).

I've decided to zap the iconv() stuff - so the constraint plugin simply 
applies regular expression constraint upon attributes. Since regex is already 
part of the OL autoconf process, I reckon this should impose no additional 
needs upon the core software.

I'm also playing with the ability to store the constraints within the DIT (say 
with an auxiliary class "attributeConstrainingClass", which allows the 
optional attribute "attributeConstraint", whose form is 
"<attribute>=<regex>"). Not sure if this is useful, but since it would be 
entirely optional (and in fact inoperable without an additional schema file), 
it doesn't actually mandate changes which the directory admin wouldn't like. 
Since such a "meta-attribute" isn't defined in anyone's standard, I'll 
probably prefix it with "hp" and carve out some of our OID space.