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Re: (ITS#3567) slapd terminates unexpectedly


>>truss -d -l -f -vpoll -u:: -ua.out:: -o <output_file_name> -p <pid>
>>This will show the select call getting mapped to poll()...
> I used
>   truss -d -l -f -vpoll -u\!back_perl-2.2 -ua.out:: 
 > 	-o ldap-remapper-2005-03-08.truss -p 5988
> because the backend messages cluttered up the log.

If OpenLDAP 2.2 still uses select on Solaris then we'll want to see how 
select gets mapped to poll() and hence will need the -u:: parm to truss. 
You'll want to see calls to select_large_fdsets or something like that. 
Maybe you can take out -ua.out:: if you're getting too much output.