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Re: (ITS#3567) slapd terminates unexpectedly

The select and poll manpages document EBADF as the errno value for 
invalid descriptors. This return of ENOSYS is something different. There 
will be no spin in slapd because that loop only happens for EBADF. As 
soon as this ENOSYS error occurs a single time, slapd will shut itself 
down because the process is definitely in an unstable state.

cmarkle@sendmail.com wrote:

>Howard, Dagobert,
>>Your log shows that poll() fails with ENOSYS, which is not a documented 
>>failure code for this system call. It looks like Solaris itself has 
>>failed here, and you should probably contact Sun for a solution.
>Maybe this is a Sun bug but as we went through here at Sendamil and 
>reported in ITS 3400, the ENOSYS could mean "I don't like a return value 
>I got from poll()" where poll() is use to implement select on Solaris. 
>Dagobert - I suggest you repro the problem and get three pieces of doc:
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