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Re: (ITS#3567) slapd terminates unexpectedly


Von Howard Chu <hyc@symas.com> (Fri, 04 Mar 2005 09:55:33 -0800):
> dam@baltic-online.de wrote:
> >The problem was reproduced on a SunFire V440 with 4 CPUs. We were unable to
> >reproduce the problem on server with 1 CPU, so it might be a threading/sync
> >issue.
> >
> That's definitely a possibility. We've seen threading issues on Solaris 8 that were fixed by switching to use the new threads library (which is the default library on Solaris 9) but I'm not aware of any issues with the Solaris 9 threads library. Perhaps you found one.
> >Additionally we are seeing the problem only with the instance using the
> >Perl backend, not with BDB. We use a modified back-perl which instantiates
> >a new Perl object with each connection but I cannot see any evidence that the
> >termination is due to our backend-modifications.
> > 
> >
> If your usage pattern for back-bdb and back-perl are the same, but the problem does not occur with back-bdb, that certainly points at your back-perl code.

Not necessarily. The BDB backend does not open new connections, our Perl code opens
two outgoing connections for each incoming connection, so the io system is stressed
more than using only bdb.

> The truss output you sent begins too late, after the slapd shutdown sequence has already begun. It might help to see a little more of that so we can see what happens leading up to the first failed select call.

I uploaded the last 500k lines of truss output to
If you need anything else just write.

Best regards

  -- Dagobert Michelsen

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